Why it is important to repair a windshield immediately after getting a crack

Is your vehicle’s windscreen having a chip, big crack, edge crack or any other kind of windshield breakage? Don’t waste any more time. Here are some of the reasons why you should repair the windshield immediately.

To reduce cost

A small chip on your windshield keeps you thinking of spending. Due to the ever-changing freeze-thaw weather conditions, the chips develop by the day and the cracks travel across the auto glass becoming big and ugly. As a result, what you could have done with some few coins becomes ridiculously expensive. Repair your windshield before it’s late.

While sponsors rushed to the Baltimore Convention Center to set up their booths, Auto Glass Week™ began with association meetings, including a meeting of the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) board of directors. One of the key topics up for discussion was the development of an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard, windshield quality, training and education.


You’ll not have a good view of the road and other road signs properly

Having a crack on your windshield impairs your vision while driving. This becomes worse when it is shining since the rays from the sun reflect directly in your face. Though it might seem normal, this reflection puts your life and the lives of the other passengers at risk.

It is outlawed

Although people give a cold shoulder to cracked auto glasses, it is a ticketable offense in many states. In these states, you will be fined.  To avoid this, you need to repair your windshield at the earliest opportunity.

To maintain proper structural support of the vehicle

Having a cracked auto glass is deadly should a crash occur. Even a smaller impact is able to travel horizontally shattering the glass into pieces. If the windscreen shatters and is popped outside, the roof of the vehicle sags inside and can hit the passengers in the vehicle causing very bad injuries. To ensure the vertical support of the vehicle is maintained during a rollover you need to repair it.

To avoid being ejected from your vehicle

Though the seatbelts are supposed to prevent you from being ejected outside the vehicle, sometimes you might forget or your belts may be faulty. In such a scenario when you are unbelted and a crash occurs, the windshield is the second line of defense. It helps you not to be thrown out of the vehicle where the chances of survival are minimal.

To ensure the air bag helps you

When the vehicle is hit, the air bag is deployed, pressed against the auto glass and pillows to toward the driver and passengers. This ensures you remain within the safety bounds should an accident occur. On the contrary, weak windshield lacks the power to absorb the force subjected onto it. This means the bag will be deployed outside the vehicle exposing you to real danger.To find out more about mobile windshield replacement in san diego visit here. Sd Windshield also handles car window repair in san diego.

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