While all types of glass have the same characteristics – clear and breakable, it does have different features. Regular glass and windshield glass look almost the same, and this visual similarity can leave others confused. Glass experts say the key difference lies in how the glass breaks.

The safety level is increased in auto glass since collisions and breakage are more likely and injurious in a moving vehicle than in a simple window or glass door. Sd Auto Glass Homepage If Autoglass will break the same way ordinary glass would then there would be more serious and fatal car crash injuries than usual.

How auto glass breaks

Almost every person has seen how ordinary glass breaks. Glass shards come in various sizes that are usually sharp and create pointed corners. Autoglass on the other hand breaks differently. About us Autoglass usually just cracks and stays in one piece, or when it shatters, it breaks into tiny pieces that do not outrightly harm passengers in case the glass shards would touch them.

And while the shards of broken auto glass can still cause wounds when handled incorrectly, the injury would not be as deep as that of broken ordinary glass.

The difference between windshield glass and glass for rear and side windows

Side windows and the glass for the windshield are also different. Again, this time, the difference is still the way it would break. Technically, the glass used for the windshield is called laminated glass. This means that there are two layers of glass merged to make a highly robust piece of glass. El Cajon Office At the center of these layers is a thin layer of vinyl that ensures that the glass will remain intact even if it cracks following a collision or an accident.

The side windows and the read windscreen on the other hand are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass means the glass is treated with heat to ensure that it becomes stronger and harder to shatter. Like laminated glass, the side and rear windows will also shatter into really small dull pieces if and when it breaks.

What to do when auto glass breaks

The best thing to do when auto glass cracks, breaks, or shatters is to stop and check of everyone is safe. It is important to know that some windshield repair companies offer mobile windshield repair and replacement services. The onsite repair makes it easier and safer for the vehicle owner to have his auto glass repaired.