Keeping the windshield clean at all times through regular spot cleaning helps avoid stubborn autoglass dirt

Keeping the windshield clean at all times through regular spot cleaning helps avoid stubborn auto glass dirt

Some windshield dirt could be so stubborn it gets frustrating to remove. While some car owners can successfully resort to using whatever tools in their possession that they think could help them get rid of the problem dirt, some end up with a permanently damaged autoglass.

This article will discuss effective and safe ways to remove every type of windshield dirt. Before delving on to the details though, here is a run down of the most common windshield dirt that could grace any windscreen:

  1. Dried up mud
  2. Bird and animal droppings
  3. Dead insects
  4. Dust
  5. Remnants of a sticker/decal
  6. Paint spots
  7. Tree sap
  8. Water stains

The most effective way to get rid of hard-to-remove stains is to prevent these stains from occurring in the first place, and removing them as soon as they get into the windscreen. The longer the object stays in the surface of the glass, the harder it becomes to remove them. SD Auto Glass Website

But not all car owners have the luxury of cleaning their Windshields right away, much more cleaning it on a daily basis. Not everyone as well could routinely go get a car wash. But auto glass experts say keeping the windscreen clean each time does not require way too much time.

Removing dried up mud, dried up dead insects, and animal droppings

Removing mud that got stubbornly stuck unto the autoglass after a road trip could be challenging. This is especially true if there is much mud in both the front and rear windscreens. The best way to remove it is to hoist a moist cloth over the muddy areas until the mud softens and could easily be removed. Pressurized washes could also do the trick, but since not all vehicle owners have access to it, this may be tricky. Vehicle owners can also remove dead insects and animal droppings using the same technique. About the business 

Water spots

Water spots coming from hard water or acid rain are a definitely an eye sore. Good thing though, they are easy to remove. Just use a one-part water, and one part vinegar solution and spray it on the affected surfaces. Wipe them with a clean, soft cloth right after.

Decal and sticker marks and debris

Decals and hard to remove stickers can be easily removed by spraying equal parts of fabric softener and water into the area where sticker marks are. After five minutes or so, the residue will be soft enough to remove by hand. Never use a blade, a razor, or a cutter to remove the residue, instead, use a rubber scraper. If it is the sticker itself that cannot come of, just heat the area using a hair dryer, and wait for it to curl up a bit before attempting to remove it. Never spray with water though, as the change in temperature could damage the windscreen. El Cajon Office