How to Prevent Car Sun Damage

Sun Damage

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The sun can damage the paint, as well as other exterior parts of the car. (Photo Credits)

The sun can be very beneficial to everyone, but like anything else, too much of it can be harmful too. Too much sun exposure for cars can damage car paint, among other exterior portions of the car. Too much heat, can also be damaging even to the interior.

Insurance provider State Farm has published a recent blog post on preventing sun damage in vehicles and mentioned several tips on how to avoid it. They also explained why and how sun damage to cars can happen.

“The sun and heat can be very damaging to a car. During testing conducted at the State Farm® Vehicle Research Facility, interior air temperatures have been recorded well in excess of 145° F. Interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight had recorded temperatures in excess of 195°F. But it’s not just the dashboard and seats you need to guard from the sun’s dangerous rays. A car’s finish and engine are also at risk. So whether you live in a warm climate year-round, or just need protection during the summer months, it’s always best to be safe and prepared.”

Read the rest of their tips here.

Avoid direct exposure

Automotive blog Car Wise also shared some advice on protecting one’s cars from the sun’s damaging heat. Topping their advice is avoiding prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

“Park in the shade. By parking your car out of the direct sunlight, you’ll keep it from overheating and shield your dash and other trim from its powerful rays.  It’s also a good idea to crack your window open slightly, which will help allow heated air to escape to the outside. Deploy sun panels. Car windows act like a magnifying glass which intensifies the sun’s bleaching effects.  Place sun panels inside your windshield, rear and side windows, and their reflective qualities will keep your car’s interior cooler all day long while blocking the sun’s rays from reaching your dash, seats and other exposed areas.”

The rest of their tips can be found here.

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The website It Still Runs meanwhile shared some easy fix solutions to address sun damage on the car’s exteriors. In their blog post, they shared step-by-step instructions on how to erase damage marks on the paint.

“Wait until the weather temperature is over 50 degrees before you attempt to apply rubbing compound. You don’t want it to harden too quickly while you are still trying to work with it. Make sure to apply out of the sunlight; it’s best to tackle this job in the garage. Add a teaspoon of rubbing compound to your buffer, directly on the pad. Move the buffer around the sun-damaged area before turning on to distribute some of the rubbing compound evenly. Turn the buffer on and gently and evenly run it over the sun-damaged area.”

The continuation of the procedure can be found here.

Too much sun exposure can indeed cause damage into the vehicle.