How to Have a Fog-Free Windshield

Keep the fog at bay

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Keep your windshield free from fog. (Photo Credits)

Fog in your car window and windshield could be a bane. But there are measures that you can take to avoid fogging. AutoGlass Safety Council

DIY Cozy Home shared a bright idea on how to keep foggy car windows at bay. “Did you know that a pair of socks and some silica crystal kitty litter can help you defrost your car windows in the cold months? This totally makes sense. Kitty litter absorbs moisture. It’s a great idea, especially if your defroster is on the fritz or if you didn’t leave extra time for it to warm up. Silica is used to absorb moisture (remember those little packets that come in shoe boxes?). Leaving this is the car overnight and all the day long should help get rid of that moisture problem.”

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Prevention is the Key

The website Worthy Tales shared the same tip saying that it is better to keep moisture from car windows.

“Lots of people have to deal with the irritation of windows that are covered with fog on a fairly regular basis, especially people who live in climates that change constantly. Fortunately, there are ways around that problem that don’t involve scrubbing the windows manually and giving a car a miniature car wash every single time this problem arises. This video offers viewers a simple hack for eliminating this problem, which should make all the difference for them.”

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Autofile meantime shared a trick on dealing wind fog inside the windshield. “The solution is simple, however. Just turn off the Recirc control once the vehicle has started to warm up.HVAC systems have become more sophisticated in recent years and this occurrence has become less of a problem with those that used the air conditioning system to remove moisture. Some other systems automatically draw in a portion of fresh air to mix with recirculated air.”

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How do you get rid of fog on your windshield?