How to Get rid of Unwanted Vehicle Odors

What to do with unpleasant car odor

Car odors can get stinky for a number of reasons. (Photo Credits)

Car odors can get funky, even stinky and these can last for days, in fact some drivers get used to it that only their new passangers seem to notice.

There are ways though to neutralize car odors, and it does not have to cost much.

Auto Evolution says one of the answers could just be in the pantry.

“Another odor-neutralizing substance is baking soda, and lots of it too. Sprinkle some on the spot and leave it overnight. The next day, brush it off and you can then vacuum the rest. The smell should be gone, and you’re free to drive around all day without feeling sick to your stomach after a few miles.”

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Get rid of that smell

Smart Hacks TV mantime shared a video of how tea bags can get rid of unpleasant odors in the car.

“In the clip below, brought to us by the YouTube guru, One Pot Chef Show, he teaches us how these tiny tea bags can be very vital in absorbing bad smell. In the video we see as he takes one dry tea bag and puts it in the car to act as air freshener. The purpose of the tea bag in the car is to absorb all the moisture and also remove the odor which might be in the car.”

Watch it here.

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Advertising Age meanwhile cautioned car owners about the smell inside their cars, as this can affect the resale value of their vehicle.
“The study concluded that “smoke or foul odor may lower retention up to 3 percentage points,” or “$300 on a $10,000 vehicle,” as priced in the Manheim Market Report. It also said dealers may spend even more money trying to remove or disguise the odor. Manheim handles the sale of nearly 7 million vehicles annually and offers odor removal among its many services.”

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How do you deal with unpleasant car odors in your vehicle?