How to effectively remove Snow from your Windshield

Keeping your windshield free from snow

snowy jeep

How to have a snow-free windshield. (Photo Credits)

Having to remove snow from the windshield of your car early in the morning before heading off to work can really be a chore.

That is why there are loads of suggested solutions in the internet for this dilemma. AutoGlass Safety Council 

Thrifty Fun for instance shared several tips from their readers. “Winter in Alaska where we live can be so harsh! No matter where you live, though, scraping ice off of your car in the early morning is just no one’s idea of fun. This is the BEST WAY to keep your windshield frost free. Wipe the windows and windshield of your vehicle down with white vinegar, undiluted, after you park your car for the night. This will prevent frost from building on your car, and who doesn’t LOVE that?”

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How to make removing snow easier

Coolest Gadgets meantime featured a product that will lessen your stress from removing snow in your car’s auto glass. “Winter is quiet and beautiful, with mounds of fluffy white snow and icicles dangling from the roof. However, it is not fun to deal with when the weather is still not bad enough to prevent you from going into work. Cold snowy days mean having to get up extra early to clear a path to your vehicle, clean off the car, and scrape ice off of your windshield.”

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Mobile Windshield and Car Glass Repair Services

A man however was cited by the police after the officers saw the tool he uses for removing snow from his windshield as shared by “After police found a machete in a 23-year-old Lakewood man’s car following a June 25 traffic stop, the man said he uses the large knife to clear snow off his windshield. He was cited and released.”

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So how do you remove snow from your windshield?