One of the most violent things any person can do to a car is to smash its windshield. While this is not a common occurrence, it can happen, either due to robbery, violent crime, looting, or harassment. So how should a car owner deal with a smashed windshield? What should he do?

This article will discuss the actions the vehicle owner can take upon discovering that his windshield is smashed. Hopefully this could help protect the car owner from further troubles and assure him that for crime-related damages where the car owner is the victim, insurance claims can be filed right away. Sd Auto Glass Homepage

Windshield is smashed while driver is in the car

First things first. If the windshield is smashed while the car owner is inside, then it is best to call the police. This way the police can deal with it and write up a report. While having the windshield replaced may not be the immediate concern of the car owner, knowing that the police report can be sufficient grounds for insurance claim is enough to ease worries about the damaged auto glass. About our Company

Once ready to have the windshield repaired, the vehicle owner should just get in touch with the insurance, submit necessary documentation including police report and photos from the incident. The insurance company will provide the vehicle owner the procedure in having the windshield replaced, and they might also refer a windshield repair and replacement company that can do the job.

Discovering a smashed windshield

If the car owner just discovers that his windshield is smashed, the first thing he should do is take photos for documentation, and ask for help from the security nearby if available. Check if the dash cam got the incident, if not look around if there are surveillance cameras that may have caught the incident. Make sure to report the existence of these closed-circuit television cameras to the police during the filing of the report. El Cajon Location

Get in touch with the insurance company and ask for the procedure and requirements for facilitating a windshield replacement. These incidents are routine, so each insurance company does have a set procedure for this. Do not forget to ask if it is possible to have a mobile windshield replacement service, as this is much better for car owners who are still traumatized about the damage and the possible crime behind it. Mobile windshield replacement companies repair and replace windshields on the client’s preferred location, ridding him the hassle of requesting for in-shop servicing.