How to avoid windshield wiper damage

Windshield wiper care


Caring for the windshield wipers is crucial. (Photo Credits)

The windshield wiper may not be as expensive as other car parts, but it certainly plays a huge role when it comes to safe driving during rains and snowfall. It is then crucial to keep windshield wipers well-maintained not only for it to last through its expected lifespan, but to ensure it will not need to be replaced when it is needed the most.

AAA Northeast has shared tips on how to care for windshield wipers. In their article, they likewise shared the Do’s and Don’ts in using windshield wipers. Topping their list of maintenance tips is never to use the windshield wipers on a dry windscreen.

“It might be tempting to turn them on to knock off dust or pollen, but don’t let them run across the windshield dry. Always use the washer button if the windshield isn’t already wet. Your wipers are designed to work best when the glass is wet, so even if the material blocking your view is dry like pollen and not really stuck to the windshield, wet the glass first.”

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Tips on windshield care and maintenance

Angie’s list also rounded up maintenance tips in caring for windshield wipers. In their article, they mentioned a regular maintenance routine in taking care of the windshield wiper and its blades.

“To extend the time between windshield wiper replacements, here are some things you can do keep your wiper blades in good shape: (1) Apply a windshield treatment every few months to repel water, if you want. (2) Gently wash and dry them with glass cleaner and a clean towel or cloth from time to time. (3) Run your finger along the rubber to find damage. (4) Top off your washer fluid with the right mix for your climate. In extreme cold, washer fluid with antifreeze is recommended. (5) Visually inspect them for dirt, debris, and wear regularly.”

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Men’s website, The Art of Manliness meanwhile shared a troubleshooting guide for vehicle owners who care about carefully maintaining their windshield wipers. In their article, they mentioned several possible solutions to common concerns involving windshield wiper operations.

One of the issues they discussed in their write-up is chattering windshield wipers. “The sound of your wipers chattering away on your windshield isn’t just grating, it also means the water isn’t getting wiped away efficiently; you’ll often see streak marks in the path of a chattering blade. There are a few possible causes for this problem. It’s often the result of a buildup of wax, oil, or grease which prevents the blade from cleanly wiping the water away. Give your windshield a nice, thorough scrubbing. Give the blades a good cleaning too, for good measure.”

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Windshield wipers should indeed be carefully maintained to at least extend its use.