Foggy windows


Windshield fog can be unavoidable during winter. (Photo Credits)

Foggy windows can be both inconvenient and dangerous during the winter season. Fortunately though, there are ways to avoid foggy windshields and car windows so that the driver can maneuver his vehicle safely during the chilly winter months.

South African safe driving website Arrive Alive has explained why windows and windshields become foggy when the temperature outside the car is cold. In the same article, they also shared some tips on how to avoid foggy windows and windscreens so the drive will be safer.

“Windshields fog up because of differences in temperature and moisture in the air [humidity]. Window fog is caused by moist, humid air inside the vehicle coming in contact with the cold windshield before it’s warmed up. Your windshield will be colder than the air inside the car as it is in contact with cooler outside air.”

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Fog and Safety

Motoring website has shared some tips on how to prevent windows from fogging especially when it is cold outside. In their write-up they shared step-by-step instructions on how to ensure that the windows will not get foggy. In their article they emphasized that windshield and windows should be very clean.

“Rub the inside of the windshield down with an ammonia-based window cleaner. The DeAnza College recommends cleaning the inside of the window with an ammonia-based window cleaner to remove the buildup of film that commonly emanates on windshields. Rub the solution on the windshield with orderly horizontal or vertical strokes. Reapply regularly for maximum results.”

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Canadian Vehicle Website Autotrader has extensively discussed window fog prevention during the winter months and throughout the year. In their write-up they mentioned what vehicle owners can do to ensure that they can drive safely with clear and fog-free windows.  In the post they also mentioned how important it is to have an optimally-running air conditioning system in preventing foggy windscreens and windows.

“A healthy climate control system can go a long way to reducing foggy windows. Be sure you’re a/C system is healthy, that your blower fan is working properly and not making any funny noises, and that your climate control intake isn’t blocked with leaves or debris. Further, replacing a clogged cabin air filter can make a tremendous improvement to climate control system performance, which will de-fog your ride even faster.”

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Preventing foggy windshields and windows can help in ensuring a safe driving journey during the winter season.