How pets react to windshield wipers

Funny wiper moments

flipped wipers

Amazing to them. (Photo Credits)

Dogs and Cats can sometimes be too cute to watch.

Little Thing for instance featured a video on the reaction of pets towards a windshield wiper.

I thought I’d seen it all, until I came across this highly entertaining compilation of dogs who aren’t too happy with an unexpected object: windshield wipers. My dog has ridden in the car with me many times, but has never tried to do that before. The pooches featured in the clip try their best to catch the wipers and, of course, they bark uncontrollably. And just wait till you see the little dog at the 1:27 mark – he takes it to a whole new level! Oh and don’t worry, the cars aren’t in motion.”

Watch the clip here.

Super Cute and Funny

The website I Heart Cats meantime featured a funny video of a cat getting angry at a pair of windshield wipers. In the post, the author wrote as if she were the cat. “I’m telling you Joe, they were aliens out to get me! I was just sitting quietly on the dashboard of that heap of junk, waiting for the humans to start moving us out from there when out of nowhere, these two creeps who looked like those daddy long leg insects came up so fast and tried to grab me. It’s a good thing I’m very agile and I was able to get out of the way and they missed me!”

Check out the video here.

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Another adorable dog angry with the windshield was meantime featured over at the website Paw My Gosh.

Most dogs love a nice car ride. But when the windshield wipers come on, they must be stopped!”

Watch the collection of hilarious dogs versus wipers video here.

How does your pet react to your car’s wipers?