Make your own unique Sun Shade

You can make your own. (Photo Credits)

Having a car sun shade is a must especially during the hot summer season. You would not ant to come back to your car and get so toasty while waiting for your air conditioning to cool the rest of your vehicle don’t you?

But you do not have to wait for your favorite grocery store to give you a premium item giveaway for this, or rush to your nearest car accessories shop to get one. This is because you can make one yourself!

Play Me Mama Crafts for Instance shows that you can even make child-friendly Car Sun Shades.

“The May long weekend is coming up, which officially kicks off road trip season! The DIY car window sun shade for baby that I shared how to make over on Green Moms Collective this week will help baby enjoy those car trips just a little bit more.”

Check out the instructions here.

RV People

For those on a road trip, you may want to consider this homemade shade as shared by All Free Sewing.

“This DIY Car Sun Shade is the perfect place to start. If you plan on having some little ones in your car this summer, this project is an absolute necessity. Created with a fat quarter, this sun shade suctions onto the window of your car with a suction cup. This makes it easily removable and a quick clean if it gets dirty.”

Get the pattern here.

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Here’s another DIY RV Sun Shade Idea, this time as shared by the website RVing.

There is a trim piece along the top of the RV windshield that makes it easy to tuck the reflective insulation under it — providing a tight seal along the top edge. This is useful because heat rises. If that seam were to be left open, the heat would rise and escape into the RV. By sealing it, there’s no hot air flow inside the motorhome.”

Read the full guide here.

Are you willing to make one?