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Wiper fluids can be very useful, but it also comes with health and safety risks. (Photo Credits)

Windshield wiper fluid can be indispensable, but it can also come with a safety and health risks especially around children.

Windshield wiper fluids are usually bottled in a non-tamper-proof container making it easy for children to access it. When transferred to another container, specifically a bottle used for beverage, it may become even more dangerous as it resembles a juice.

The United States National Library of Medicine has warned parents about the dangers of ingesting windshield washer fluids. In their web post they mentioned that immediate medical attention should be given to children who may have accidentally took wiper fluid.

Methanol, the main ingredient in windshield washing fluid, is extremely poisonous. As little as 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) can be deadly to a child. About 2 to 8 ounces (60 to 240 milliliters) can be deadly for an adult. Blindness is common and often permanent despite medical care. Multiple organs are affected by intake of methanol. Permanent organ damage may occur.”

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Warning on the Wiper

The National Capital Poison Center also mentioned the ill effects of accidental windshield wiper fluid intake. In their web article they also mentioned the symptoms of having ingested it so that parents can be alert in case their children exhibits such symptoms.

“Symptoms of poisoning don’t happen for a while. Someone could swallow even a fatal amount and feel fine for hours. Drinking windshield washer fluid often causes stomach upset and vomiting at first. Later, the person who swallowed it may appear dizzy, sleepy, confused, or even drunk. Without prompt treatment in the emergency room, a child may suffer permanent blindness or even coma and death.”

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The Connecticut Poison Control Center also uploaded an informative web post on the dangers of ingesting windshield wiper fluids and anti-freeze. In their write-up they also mentioned how accidental ingestion can be prevented in homes.

“Many children, and adults, accidentally drink antifreeze or windshield wiper fluid when it is stored in drink containers. Also, animals sometimes drink antifreeze that spills or leaks out of radiators. It has a sweet taste. Prevent antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid poisoning: (1) Keep caps tightly closed. (2) Store products out of sight and reach. (3) Keep products in the original containers. (4) Clean up radiator spills or leaks immediately.” Take a look at the rest of the article here.

Another way to avoid this is to keep wiper fluids away from children’s reach and never leave children unattended in dangerous areas at home that are not child-proof.

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