Keep your windshield fog-free

frosted windshield

Keep that windshield fog-free. (Photo Credits)

Fog in the windshield is not just a nuisance, it could also be a safety issue. says the best way to defog windshields and car windows is to lower the temperature inside the vehicle.

“Foggy windows usually happen during the winter when the temperature and moisture are different between the inside and outside of the vehicle. If you can get the temperatures closer together, the fog will disappear. Ideally if you wait until your engine has heated up you can then blow warm air on the windshield with defrost, which will evaporate the moisture. comprehensive mobile windshield replacement service

If you need to defog the windows right away the fastest method is to lower the inside temperature to stop condensation on the glass. Try turning on the defrost vent without heat to dissipate the fog on the window. This is best done when you really are in a hurry to get moving, as it is hard to withstand cold air blowing in the car.”

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Defog from the inside too meantime give pointers on how to defog as well from the insides of the car.

“Use of the HVAC fan usually helps keep things in control as far as the windshield and rear windows are concerned, unless it is extremely cold, but the side windows can soon become blocked and are much harder to clear if you maintain recirc mode. The solution is simple, however. Just turn off the recirc control once the vehicle has started to warm up.”

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Aunty Acid meantime recommends that vehicle owners put cat litter in an old sock to avoid windshield and car window fogging.

“When winter comes there is nothing more frustrating that foggy car windows. Thankfully Dave Hax has come to the rescue with a genius tip that could see this problem solved once and for all! All you need are an old pair of socks and some cat litter.”

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How do you deal with a foggy windshield?