Wet Cement Dangers

Wet cement

It is no joke. (Photo Credits)

Driving through or getting stuck in a wet cement is no laughing matter. It can get cars damaged, it ruins public property and wastes taxpayers’ money, and puts lives in danger,

And this is exactly the sentiment of local authorities after a car drove unto fresh concrete in a road repair project in their area, as reported in WQOW.

According to the police report, the car sunk into the concrete about 8 inches. That means crews may have to re-do that part of the road, but the cost of repairs won’t come out of tax-payers pockets. “

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Caught on Camera

Live Leak meantime shared a video of a luxury car that drove through the wet cement of a barricaded road repair.

Traffic cones were out for everyone else but apparently this guy thought he could get through traffic sooner if he zipped through the cones. He sat in his car until guys working on the road could get him out. He ruined the road the city workers had been working on.”

Watch the video clip here.

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The Website of the La Fayette Journal and Courier meantime published a report on a van that also got stuck on freshly poured concrete. The driver claimed there were no markings that warn about the wet cement in the area.

“After the accident, caution tape was strung between orange construction barrels, according to photos taken at the scene. Not noticing the freshly troweled cement near Mike Raisor Ford and Mike Raisor Audi on Indiana 38 just east of Sagamore Parkway, Johnson attempted to turn into the lot, but the van bogged down to the axle.”

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Attentiveness on the road, and adequate road warnings will prevent incidents like these.