Laugh over windshield notes

parking violation sob story

Share a few laughs over some windshield notes. (Photo Credits)

People have different reactions upon finding a note stuck in their windshield. If you are the driver, and depending on what is written on it, you may find the note funny, insulting, or sometimes just plain weird. for instance featured photos of windshield notes that are worth taking a look at.

“We’ve all been in that ethical dilemma: you hit someone’s bumper and it’s up to you whether or not to leave a note. Regardless of the situation, it’s pretty safe to say that you never want to see a note left on your windshield for any reason. Here are 17 times when someone left a note on a windshield and pretty much told it like it is.”

Check out the photos here.

It could even touch your heart

The website Independent Journal Review meantime featured a boy who left a note on a veterans car. Auto Glass Safety Council

“Tom Robinson is a proud U.S. Army veteran. Recently, his wife found a note on their car’s windshield thanking Tom for his service. The note was left by 13-year-old James Dorris, who was moved to write it after seeing the veteran license plate on the Robinsons’ car”

Take a look at what the boy wrote here.

Related Mobile Windshield Repair Services meantime featured hilariously funny windshield notes. “We all have those moments when something annoys us, but we decide to just let it go and move on. Then there are other moments when something annoys us so much that we just can’t keep it to ourselves anymore. For these people, someone’s driving was so offensive that they felt compelled to compose a note and let their feelings known right on a windshield — much to our delight.”

Take a look at the photos here.

Have you ever gotten a windshield note?