The wave of the future

Shelley the Autonomous (Self-Driving) Car

What Self-Driving Cars are Capable of. (Photo Credits)

Self-driving cars are now slowly taking the center stage in terms of the future of the car industry.

The website Fast Co Design described in one article how it felt to ride on one.

“It merely sensed that other car coming, drifted back to center of our lane, and eased onto the brakes so as not to hit the car in front of us. You wanted to be scared, but it was over before you realized it happened. It was like being driven by that uncle who could tell you how to survive a snake-bite or order a roast chicken in seven languages. You trusted what was happening, and that was remarkable: The car, by design, was calming me before any worries could surface.”

Read the whole feature here.

Safety Level

The New York Times meantime featured a write-up on an accident involving a self-driven car.

“The race by automakers and technology firms to develop self-driving cars has been fueled by the belief that computers can operate a vehicle more safely than human drivers. But that view is now in question after the revelation on Thursday that the driver of a Tesla Model S electric sedan was killed in an accident when the car was in self-driving mode.”

Read the whole story here.

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IFL Science meantime featured an autonomous car that is just so futuristic.

“Inside, the driver is given a windshield with augmented reality, while they can also wear a helmet to supply oxygen and water. The seat is designed to be tilted at 45 degrees to give them an optimal view of both the road and the dashboard. The major innovation, though, is the batteries. These are installed in a modular design at the bottom of the car, and they can easily be reconfigured into other chassis sizes to create a whole range of differently sized electric cars. The company calls this the Variable Platform Architecture.”

Read about it here.

Given a chance, will you ride on an autonomous vehicle?