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Pointers to keep in mind when buying used cars. (Photo Credits)

Any second hand car buyer will benefit from reading expert tips given by seasoned buyers, and even used car dealers themselves. After all, buying a pre-owned vehicle is hardly a walk in the park one can get a car with issues, inferior quality, or worse get conned.

BBC Consumer gave a lowdown on what buyers should consider when purchasing a used vehicle. When buying from a private owner, BBC Consumer underscored this information. “f the seller offers a viewing anywhere other than their home, think twice. It means you might not be sure of where he or she lives if there’s a problem. Don’t feel under pressure to make a quick decision. It’s important to check the car thoroughly.”

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Best Used Car to Buy also has its own share of tips for consumers. The website primarily highlighted the value of researching about the car, as well as doing some due diligence on documentation and even the reputation of the seller – be it a car dealership or a private owner.

It also gave tips on the type of cars to consider.

“Everyone knows the leading brands that command premium second-hand prices. But why surrender to these unkind market forces? There are other, lesser-known competitors that for a variety of reasons didn’t sell well — models that can give you similar quality and features for less dough. Automakers such as Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Kia made some very good models that were undersold and overlooked. Keep an open mind rather than fixate on one model. Knowledgeable bargain hunters familiarize themselves with all of the segment models and are often rewarded with a great vehicle for a considerably lower price than the big-selling brands.”

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Consumer Reports also came up with a very comprehensive guide when buying a second hand car. From what to research on, what to ask, what to inspect, and what to demand – everything a first time used car a buyer would need to know, have been covered in that article.

“Before you close the deal, have it scru­tinized by a repair shop that routinely does diagnostic work. A dealer should have no problem lending you the car to have it inspected as long as you leave identification. If a salesperson tells you that an independent inspection is not necessary because the dealership has already done it, insist on having your mechanic look at it. If a private seller is reluctant to let you drive the car to a shop, offer to follow the seller to the shop where the inspection will take place.”

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Arming oneself with the knowledge on what to consider when buying a used a car is critical in buying the best second hand car one can afford.

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