Removing unsightly scratches


Windshield scratches can be very annoying and should be addressed. (Photo Credits)

One of the first things that a driver will notice upon driving his vehicle is the windshield. And when there are scratches that distract the driver from his driving, the driver will most likely get annoyed and will find ways to restore the shine and smoothness the windshield once had.

There are various ways to erase these scratches. says the first step to take is to identify the type of scratch in the vehicle’s windshield.

“Windshield scratches are common in cars. Fixing small scratches is easy — you can accomplish it without professional help. But leave the large scratches for professional windshield-repair shops. Deep scratches may also grow in size over time. When this occurs, you won’t be able to prevent your windshield from cracking. Repair small scratches right away to ensure your windshield’s structural integrity.”

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Many ways to remove scratches

Popular Mechanics also came up with a guide in dealing with auto glass scratches.

“For deeper scratches, the most popular fix is buffing the glass with cerium oxide, a popular glass, ceramic and metal polish with very low abrasiveness it’s widely used in jewelry and ceramics. Add water to the fine powder and make a slurry the consistency of Elmer’s Glue, then cover the damaged areas with the paste. Using a drill with a hard rubber polishing wheel attached, apply firm pressure to slowly grind the surface smooth. To make things a bit easier, mark the location of the scratch on the other side of the glass so you can keep track of where you should be working.”

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Service Ratings Website Angie’s List also came up with a comprehensive guide on removing windshield scratches. It included a guide on how to make a homemade glass scratch remover.

Applying a paste made from a mixture of water, white toothpaste and baking soda is another DIY scratch-removal method. The paste should be rubbed into the scratch with a clean cloth that’s slightly damp. Rub the paste in a tiny circular motion and try to avoid applying the paste outside the scratched area. Once finished, use a clean soft cloth to wash the glass. This process may take several repeated attempts before the scratch is removed or becomes minimally visible.”

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When the scratches are too deep or too many, consider getting in touch with an expert professional mobile windshield repair provider.

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