Busted Tail Light Fixes

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When tail lights get busted. (Photo Credits)

The problem with a busted tail light is that apart from it being unsightly, it is an urgent matter that should be immediately dealt with. This is because a broken tail light is a traffic citation waiting to happen, and an imminent accident that could take place anytime.

2CarPros shared possible solutions to tail light problems. “The most simple of all brake light problems is the fact that the bulbs simply burn out. This is an quick and easy fix in most cases. We will show you how to replace these bulbs further on in this guide. As in any electrical system an open or short circuit can occur interrupting the operation of one or all of the brake lamps.”

Check out the guide, and the video tutorial here.

Urgent response to a broken tail light

Cars Direct also came up with yet another way to urgently deal with a busted tail light.

“The first step is to pinpoint why the tail light is not working. There could be several different problems with the tail light. The fuse may not be working and you may have to replace the fuse. If both tail lights on the vehicle are not working, than a common problem could be the fuse. Another common problem is that the bulb may be blown. Check to make sure that the bulb is not blown. If the bulb is blown, than replace it. If a problem still exists after checking both issues, the wiring may be cut or pinched and you will need to replace that part of the wiring harness.”

The article is continued here.

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Autos Cheat Sheet meantime came up with four suggestions on how to go about repairing a broken tail light.

One of the quickest ways they specified is to use a repair kit available in auto stores.

“Our first cheap cheat of the day is by no means meant to be a permanent fix, but desperate times call for desperate measures, especially if you have to drive somewhere and don’t want to get pulled over for having a busted taillight. Most auto parts stores stock a selection of 3M lens repair film fixes, so even if your clear reverse portion or orange blinker section has been bashed in, you still have an easy to use option available to you while you wait on a replacement lens to arrive.”

Check out the other troubleshooting options here.

Knowing how to deal with a busted tail light is important in ensuring driving safety.


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