Winter Driving Safety


Winterizing a vehicle before snow season is one of the recommended ways to stay safe while driving during the winter season. (Photo Credits)

The winter season poses a lot of challenges and safety risks for drivers and land travelers. One way to stay safe while driving around during the holidays is to winterize one’s vehicle. The time and effort spent at doing so will be worth it as it will help avoid unnecessary vehicle breakdowns in areas that may even be isolated and dangerous. gave its readers some tips on winterizing their cars. Foremost in their list is to make sure that their tires are ready to traverse snowy roads.

“As long as they appear to be inflated, most drivers don’t give them a second thought. If you have a flat tire when it’s freezing, you’ll regret not checking them. Inspect the tires visually and note any cracking, nicks or bulges in the sidewalls, or apparent nails that might be stuck in the treads. Tire treads that are less than 3/32-inches need to be replaced. You can consider an all-season tire, or if you live in an area of heavy snowfall, snow tires might be a better option.”

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More than a Dozen Ways to Winterize a Vehicle

The website Family Handyman also came up with close to 15 tips in preparing vehicles for the holiday long drives. One of their tips is to prepare for any type of emergency by having tools on hand.

“Make Sure You Have Winter Tools in Your Car Pack your ice scraper, booster cables, gloves and other important winter morning tools in your car for easy access. For deeper snow, you may want to include a shovel for clearing paths and cat litter for improving traction on the ground. It’s smart to winterize your car with these tools before the snow hits.”

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Related Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement Services: also offered some quick and easy ways to winterize a car, prior to the holidays. Caring for the windshield and its maintenance is one of the tips that they have cited in their post.

“Make sure you can see. When’s the last time you replaced your windshield wiper blades? They usually work effectively for about one year, so be sure to invest in some new ones if you’re due. Here’s another important step to take before you find yourself struggling to see in a blinding storm: Fill up your windshield washer reservoir with windshield washer fluid. (Plain water won’t do the trick at this time of year because it freezes.) Also check to see that your heater and defroster are working properly so you can keep the windshield nice and clear.”

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Winterizing one’s car is a definite must during the snowy season. Apart from ensuring safety, it will also help ensure that the family stays safe during the holidays.

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