Car Cleaning Tips


Cars should not be hard to keep clean. (Photo Credits)

Car cleaning could be a chore, but mostly because it may have not been cleaned on a regular basis, or may have been used in a long trip.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great and quick ways to keep a vehicle clean inside and out.

The website One Crazy House gave some car cleaning hacks that should help any car owner clean his or her car quickly and efficiently.

“Looking for ways to make your car cleaner??  You’ve been living out of your car for a few days, and boy, can you tell it! You’re slightly embarrassed to open the car too wide in the pickup line at school, afraid that someone may see the dust, the used tissues or the stained floor mats. Take heart, busy parent. We’ve found 15 unexpected ways to make your car cleaner, and we think they’ll help you keep it that way!”

Read all the tips here.

Vacuum Cleaning the Car

The webpage Clean Insider for its part shared its review of car vacuum cleaners in the hopes of helping vehicle owners decide on what cleaning tool to get for heir respective cars.

“We have reviewed top 3 car vacuum cleaners that will help you get a fair idea as what should be your criteria for buying one. Unlike other car vacuum cleaner reviews, we have formed our opinion on the basis of many factors while selecting these products. One such criterion is that of the availability of the product which makes anyone side with a product over several others. The second would be ease of use which is one of the most vital considerations to be made. The third is about the suctioning power and all these 3 vacuums are too good at getting their work done.”

Check out the review here.

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More tips on car cleaning can meantime be fund on one of Organization Junkie’s Posts.

“Use a flat head screwdriver with the head wrapped in a cloth rag to remove all the crumbs from the cracks on your dashboard or anywhere else. Use a vacuum to suck up the gunk, and use a different area of the cloth when it gets dirty.”

Read the rest of the car cleaning hacks here.

Keeping the windshield and car windows clean and shiny also help keep the car looking clean.