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Flat Tire

A flat tire can be a hassle, and it should be dealt with safely. (Photo Credits)

Having a flat tire is not new to any motorist. The situation though when the deflation happens could be critical as it will have a big impact on the safety of the driver and his passengers. published an article on how to handle a tire blow-out while driving.

“After a blowout, only exit your vehicle if you are certain you are safely off the road and out of harm’s way. Turn your emergency flashers on to alert other drivers, and put out reflective cones or triangles if you have them. If it is not safe to change the tire where you are, or you are unsure how, call for roadside assistance.”

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Tire Blowout on the Freeway meanwhile came up with a write-up guiding its readers on dealing with a tire blow-out while driving on the freeway.

“The first thing to do if you notice that your car is suffering from a flat tire, is slow down and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. Don’t be tempted to slam the brakes on as this could cause you to lose control, so try to slow down in a controlled way by taking your foot of the gas pedal. Look around you and see how safely you can change lanes and try to make your way into a safe place away from speeding traffic.”

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Related Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement Services: meanwhile shared an article on how far a motorist can drive a flat tire in case of an emergency.

“When you realize a tire is flat while driving, remain calm but take action immediately. Slow down and pull off the roadway into a safe area away from traffic, the National Safety Council advises. There are times, however, when the nearest safe area is the next exit ramp, or some other distant location. Fortunately, it’s possible to ‘drive several hundred yards before you irreparably destroy the tire,’ according to Car Talk.”

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To avoid flat tires and tire blow outs, ensure regular tire care and maintenance.

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