Crossover SUVs

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Road Test

Ride in style. (Photo Credits)

Traveling in comfort and convenience is what most Crossover-Type SUVs offer. And this is one of the reasons why it is slowly dominating the market for mid-sized SUVs. shared some news about automobile giant Ford in relartion to Crossover SUVs.

“In case you haven’t noticed, SUVs are back and more popular than ever. Wait, is it crossovers that are super popular now? Actually, both are. Anyway, SUVs/CUVs are selling like hot cakes and Ford has taken notice and decided to cash in on the trend in a big way. USA Today reports that four new SUVs from The Blue Oval are headed to the US over the coming years. What’s more is that each one will be a new model, not simply a remixing of an existing one sold stateside.”

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Electric Crossover SUV

Bloomberg for its part gave its verdict on an electric crossover SUV through a review.

“Much has already been said of the Model X’s pleasing design—and it’s all true. To my eye, the subtle grill and smooth, soft roofline seem understated, even generic, in a good way. This is a better tactic than making an already progressive car even more difficult for consumers to swallow by making it look funky. (A Prius this is not.)  It remains low-key until you walk up to it: The front doors swing open automatically as you approach (with your key fob), sensors stopping their swing shy of any neighboring cars. And once you open the falcon-wing side doors, everyone wants to come have a chat. No trouble here; I only wish they were as quick and easy to use as a regular door that you can slam shut—these require some patience as you push a button and have to wait for them to unfold along their twin hinges every time. It’s only a couple of seconds, but like automatic trunks, it can feel sluggish.”

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Top Gear Philippines for its part featured a Chinese-Made Crossover SUV that could just be a market hit.

“Leading the brand’s introduction is the compact 01 crossover SUV—the first of a planned range of tech-heavy vehicles. From the outside it looks like a sporty, stylish, somewhat Germanic-looking vehicle. Up front it features a wide rectangular grille bookended by discreet headlights. Perched atop each fender corner are stylish LED daytime running lights, while prominent lines keep its sides from looking plain.”

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Crossover SUVs are definitely the wave of the future. Here’s a guide in choosing the right SUV for a family:–T6Iyl2Ebk&list=PLiWkRecr11oHq9YkMtL1d5uIq-mkKuaDB&index=1

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