Windshield Issues During Snow Season

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Some vehicle owners commit terrible and costly mistakes around ice and their windshield. (Photo Credits)

The snow season presents a different challenge for vehicle owners as ice can be a bane to the windshield. Too much scraping can damage it, wrong de-icing methods can be destructive, and allowing ice to linger can be equally damaging as well.

The trouble is, most of the issues caused by snow on the windshield can be expensive to repair. Fortunately these are mistakes that could be avoided through cautious prevention on the part of the vehicle owner.

Reader’s Digest for instance shared the common mistakes car owners make during the winter season, and the perils it can bring about to the car. One of the areas discussed in the write-up is the improper thawing of an iced windshield.

“You pour warm water on a frozen windshield. Nice try, but if the temperature outside is freezing, you’ll only add another layer of ice to your windshield. Depending on the temperature difference between the air outside and the water, this trick could even crack the glass. Instead, spritz your windshield with a solution of one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol to melt ice immediately.”

Check out the rest of the list in their write-up here.

Media agency also came up with a similar list of preventable mistakes during the winter season. In its online article it reminded car owners to always check the weather report before heading out to ensure that there will be no terrible snow storm during the journey.

“Safety should always be a priority. Especially in winter conditions, checking the weather can be extremely helpful and keep you from getting into a roadside mess. Buckle up, be alert, and know that cars may be pulled over in distress. Also know that Winter Weather Advisories mean winter conditions are expected to cause big-time inconveniences; Storm Watches indicate storm conditions within the next 36 to 48 hours, and Storm Warnings mean that severe conditions will start up within 24 hours or so.”

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The website meanwhile presented its readers with winter car hacks that should be useful for every driver. One of the hacks mentioned in the blog post is how to prevent foggy windows.

“When the windows fog up, a great and easy way to fix it is by rubbing them with a chalkboard eraser. This trick will easily clear a foggy windshield or window without leaving a smudgy mess behind. How to prevent: Fill an old stocking or a cloth bag with kitty litter, and place it under the seat of your car. The litter will absorb moisture and prevent fog from ever happening. A piece of advice: Don’t leave open water bottles or other drinks in your car overnight.”

The rest of the article can be found here.

Car owners should indeed be cautious during the winter season to avoid car troubles.

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