Common windshield stains and how to safely remove them

stubborn windshield stains are frustrating and potentially damaging

stubborn windshield stains are frustrating and potentially damaging

There are times when something unpleasant or unsightly gets stubbornly stuck in the windshield. In most cases, these are dirt or stains that have long been stuck in the windscreen. Usually, these types of stains get harder to remove the longer they stay in the autoglass. Sd Auto Glass Homepage

Windshield technicians caution vehicle owners against v8igorously rubbing the stain or stubborn dirt as this may cause unsightly damage into the windscreen. Similarly, using abrasive cleaners and tools could also cause deep scratches in the windshield that could even possibly affect the driver’s line of sight. Below are the common types of windshield stains and how to deal with them

Mud streaks in the autoglass

Mud streaks are best removed while fresh. If the streak is found in just a small portion of the windscreen, try to douse it with water and wipe it down with a paper towel. If the mud streak is dried up already, try to moisten the affected area with water and remove the streak using a damp paper towel of a water hose. About our Company

Acid rain and hard water stains in the windshield

Use a vinegar and water solution to get these stubborn looking stains from the autoglass. Use a one part vinegar, to three parts water ratio when mixing this cleaning solution.  Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray directly on the affected area before wiping it clean with a soft clean cloth or a paper towel. alternatively, use it to moisten a paper towel or a soft, clean cloth before rubbing unto the hard water-stained areas. El Cajon SD Auto Glass

Bubble gum stuck in the autoglass

Gum stains are not just gross and unsanitary, it is also frustrating to remove even from autoglass. The best way to get it off the auto glass is by icing the area so that the gum will harden. Get some ice cubes , put them in a plastic container and then get the plastic container into the gum stain and ice the area. Peel of the gum and remove the residue using a sponge and soapy water.

Animal droppings in the windscreen

Animal droppings are gross and unsightly. It is best to remove it right away. If not, spray a glass cleaning solution to moisten it and then rub off using a paper towel. Do not use a soft cloth as the dropping may have bacteria or contaminant on it, so it is best to use disposable cleaning materials for this situation.