Common windshield issues during winter

Common windshield issues during winter

Windshield issues can occur anytime, but usually, winter becomes a peak time for auto glass repair shops. Many homeowners experience windshield damage during this time of the year, given the toll snow and winter driving conditions present on every car owner.

Every car owner should make it a point to take extra care of their windscreens to prevent damage. One of the best ways to keep autoglass from getting damaged is by keeping it free from dust, debris, dead insects, dirt and mud streaks all the time. While it is impossible to keep every part of the vehicle immaculately clean every day, car care experts say, it takes just a few minutes to spot clean a dirty windshield.

Spot cleaning the windshield is crucial especially during the winter, because a dirty windscreen with a pile of snow could just give way to autoglass scratches that could permanently damage the windshield.  El Cajon SD Auto Glass

Common windshield issues during winter

One of the most common windshield issue during winter is a cracked windshield. Cracked windshield sends vehicle owners seeking for autoglass repair, given that winter weather and cracked windshields are extremely dangerous.

Why do windshields crack during winter?

Windshields crack during winter not merely because of the piles of snow. Windshields crack because most likely, the car owner rushed into removing the piles of snow that is on top of the windscreen. By using inappropriate tools to remove the snow, or dousing hot water, or cranking up the heat impatiently, the windshield gets stressed and cracks subsequently. About our Company

Another reason why windshields crack is when it is parked mindlessly. Vehicle owners should park their car where it is safe, especially when they know that they will leave the car parked overnight or for an even longer period of time. Parking under a tree for instance is a bad idea since some branches fall when snow gets piled up on them. Once these branches hit a windshield, the auto glass will surely crack.

Windshield scratches

Incidents of chips and scratches also happen frequently during winter. Again, improper thawing and removal of ice remains the most common culprit. When vehicle owners fail to remain patient in de-icing their windshields, scratches, chips, and other permanent windshield damage will start to occur. Sd Auto Glass Homepage