Common windshield issues and how to deal with them

Car owners usually notice the importance of a windshield once it incurs troubles. Unfortunately, windscreens are not immune from incurring problems, and that damage or problems can happen at any time, especially when the car is ill-maintained.

Vehicle owners should keep a conscious effort to keep their cars and their windshields well-maintained. Windshield repair is not just expensive, it is inconvenient too. And having a damaged windshield is a safety hazard that could cause injuries. Here are some of the most common windshield issues vehicle owners encounter. About

Common windshield issues and how to deal with them

Here are some of the most common windshield issues.

Cracked windshield

Windshields can crack either due to pressure, impact, or extreme temperatures. Car owners should make sure that they park their vehicles in safe spots to avoid objects from dropping into their windshield like tree branches, or balls from a nearby ballpark. Moreover, homeowners should be conscious of the parking area, and refrain from parking under intense heat, and then later on dousing cold water on the windshield or maxing on the air conditioning. The same goes when trying to defrost a snow pile from the windscreen. Avoid using hot water to expedite the defrosting process. Low Cost Windshield Repair And Replacement

Scratched windshield

Windshields can get unsightly scratches due to incorrect ways of cleaning, or pets playing on the surface of the windshield. Cat owners should make sure that their cats do not play on top of their cars, and consider using a car cover. When cleaning the windscreen, car owners should refrain from using abrasive tools, and instead, just use a clean and soft cloth. Likewise, the driver should refrain from using the windshield when it is not raining, or when the windscreen is too dirty or dusty. Wiper blades are best replaced every six months as well to avoid damage to the windscreen. SD Auto Glass San Diego

Chipped Windshield

Windshields get chipped due to a variety of reasons but the most common is by following another vehicle that accidentally flicks a small pebble into the windscreen. auto glass experts advise car owners to have the windshield chip repaired right away to avoid worsening the problem. The chip could progress into a crack as time goes by that it is unaddressed. At the same breath, car owners are discouraged from using DIY auto glass repair kits as this do not provide long term solution to windshield issue. Instead, it could even cause more problems.