Sunroof problems

Sun Roof

Car owners can also encounter problems with their sun roof. (Photo Credits)

Vehicle sun roofs can be a nice feature in any car. It lets daylight in, affords a good view of the sky, and let’s more air in without frazzling the driver and his passenger’s air too much. It also allows any passenger to get a good view of the road and the surroundings during a stop in a road trip.

But like any other car feature, sun roofs can also have its own issues. has mentioned several usual problems encountered by vehicle owners. These include: inoperable sun roofs, sticking sunroofs, and mechanical problem.

“Most mechanical problems, such as breakage or loose glass, can be replaced or repaired with a few hand tools. Fixed-glass sunroofs can often be fixed with nuts and bolts. Urethane-adhesive sunroofs, however, might best be left to the professionals.”

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Exploding Sun Roof? meanwhile published an online article on exploding sun roof. According to them, this has been reported by a number of vehicle owners whose sun roofs have exploded without warning.

“An exploding sunroof might sound like a freak occurrence, but a Consumer Reports investigation has found that it’s not. These incidents have happened in every month of the year in every part of the country, in vehicles from all over the world; they have occurred on interstates, on country roads, and even while parked in driveways.”

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Popular Mechanics meanwhile shared ways on how a vehicle owner can deal with sun roof issues. In their comprehensive blogpost they mentioned several ways to fix the problem.

“There are two approaches to repairing an ailing sunroof: the first is to fix what you’ve got, the second is to replace the whole megillah. All the greasy bits of sunroofs live between the roof sheet metal and the headliner.”

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For sunroof repairs, it will always be best and most efficient to seek professional services.

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