Clear and Shiny Windows

Clean Car

Tips on quickly cleaning car windows. (Photo Credits)

Having a car with clear and shiny windows takes effort. But it does not have to take too much of the owner’s time.

The All State Blog says it is all in the solution.

“Step 2: Spray the mixture onto your car window. (Don’t be put off by the mixture’s milky texture, Reader’s Digest says. It’s normal.) Step 3: Wipe the window with warm water to rinse. Then rub with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth.”

Read the whole step-by-step guide here.

Quick and Clean

Slip Talk meantime shared a car cleaning tip using a material that you would think would be too abrasive to clean a car window – a steel wool!

“STEP ONE: Take the steel wool (make sure it is 0000) and use it to buff out all the debris and dirt from the windshield.  You really don’t have to put too much elbow grease into it. I just rubbed in circles over the water spots and bug splatters until they came out. It took me about 15 minutes to do, including the time it took to find a step ladder because I couldn’t reach the center of the windshield without it. “

Check out the rest of the cleaning guide here.

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In the winter, frost in the car windows may make it harder for car owners to quickly clean their car windows. But using this trick from the website Wonderful Engineering, it could be a breeze.

Frosty windows are a bitter reality we have to face every morning in these cold, damp winters. It takes about ten minutes to complete the ritual of cleaning one’s windows and starting the near-frozen engine in all this cold. Sometimes the frost has stuck to the window and is difficult to scrape off.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Clean windows give an over all clean look to any vehicle.