AUtumn windshield care tips

Autumn windshield care tips

A good number of people enjoy driving during fall, but like any other season, it presents safety and damage hazards to a vehicle’s windshield. While the changing colors and the amazing sight of trees and skies are a welcome change from the intense heat of the summer, autumn is not without issues that could affect the windshield. In view of this, vehicle owners and drivers should take extra care during this season, because although autumn does not expose the windshield to extreme heat, erratic weather conditions, nor to piles of snow, it could easily pose some other type of danger for the windscreen.

This article will discuss the best ways to keep the windshield intact and in good condition during fall. Aside from that, it will impart tips on how to help maintain the windscreen in optimal condition.

Fall leaves can damage the windscreen

They may look amazing given their color, but autumn leaves can cause damage to the windshield. If the homeowner takes time to remove the leaves stuck on his car’s windscreen, and the wet or sticky leaves get various organisms like sap, insect droppings, and the like into the windshield, these could stick on the auto glass and could be challenging to remove. Moreover, it could scratch the surface of the glass and could potentially obstruct the vision of the driver.

Vehicle owners should never put off removing autumn leaves from the windscreen, as this could scratch the windscreen. Also, it could pose damage to the windshield wiper blades. Since the leaves could be abrasive, it could also cause damage to the blades, and the blades in turn could cause even more damage to the windscreen.

Take extra caution when parking the car

While parking under the shade of a tree is ideal, trees during autumn could easily flood the hood and the windshield of the car with fallen leaves. Make sure not to park the vehicle next to a tree that has yet to shed its leaves as it is more likely to shed into the car beneath it. Choose a tree that has minimal leaves or has already shed its leaves.

Wash the windshield periodically

Do not go too long in between windshield washings. To ensure that the windshield remains in good condition, and is devoid of scratches clean the windscreen periodically using a soft cloth and a good glass cleaner.

Easy steps to a clean-looking windshield

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