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Can vehicle tires be damaged by the heat of the sun? (Photo Credits)

Car tires may appear to be weather proof and can withstand anything rough but apparently, it can be vulnerable to continuous exposure to the heat of the sun.

The website Popular Mechanics named sun and heat exposure, as one of the reasons for tires to fail and deteriorate. In the same article they emphasized the importance of over all car maintenance, where tires should never be overlooked.

“Ozone, road chemicals and ultraviolet light degrade the rubber. But this is probably more of a problem for RV and trailer tires mounted on vehicles that are stored outside in the sun, especially in the Southwest. Tire covers will keep the UV rays at bay longer. Avoid ozone damage by not storing unused tires near any ozone sources like electrical equipment or motors, pool chemicals or the like—especially indoors.”

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Dangerous Combination

Auto Insurance Provider State Farm also shared some car safety and maintenance tips to its clients. The tips include warnings on possible tire blow outs due to extreme heat.

Check tire pressure. Hot pavement and underinflated tires can be a dangerous combination, and may lead to a blowout. Even good tires can lose about one pound of air pressure a month, so it’s really important to check often when it’s hot. Make sure you follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended tire pressure.”

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Third-Party Service-Ratings Website Angie’s List meanwhile explained the concept of Dry Rot on car tires, which actually happens to cars that may have been exposed in the sun and have not been used for quite some time. In their article they explained why it takes place, the signs that the tires are already dry-rotting, and what can be done about it.

“What causes dry rot? The most common causes of dry rot include low inflation of the tires, storage near excessive heat and a lack of use. Constant exposure to sun can speed up the effects of dry rot upon the tires, so if your car sits for long periods of time in balmy Florida, for example, chances are your tires will deteriorate quicker. Finally, if your tires were manufactured several years ago, they could be unwrapping, whether they’ve been on your car the whole time or not.”

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Tire damage can be prevented by ensuring proper inflation and non-continuous exposure to extreme heat.

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