What you may want to know about car tints

Tinted Windows for Captain Slow, July 18, 2012
The car tint functionality. (Photo Credits)

Car Tints are quite important in areas where it is basically allowed by the law.

When it is sunny, window tints allow for a more comfortable drive, and at the same time, it helps keep the car cooler especially during the summer.

In Malaysia, Car Tinting Services can already be done right after you have bought your car, as it can be done in the dealership according to Carlist Malaysia!

“Honda Malaysia also says on top of being able to keep cabins cooler, the range of tints offered are also designed to hold glass fragments together in the event of shattering, to prevent injury from flying glass pieces. The 3M and Ecotint films comply to the current JPJ regulations, and customers need not worry about interference of electromagnetic signals such as the usage of GPS and Smart Tag. The value for money window tinting films also offers the benefits of convenience such as transferable ownership for warranty, nationwide after sales support as well as shorter and safer installation process for customers. Honda customers who purchase the window tint will also enjoy a 5 years warranty from the date of installation.”

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Wave of the future

If you however want a switchable power tint that could change the hue of your car window in just a press of a button, then check this post from PowerblockTV.

“SDS CAR SMART FILM (SCF) Is Self-Adhesive film which allows drivers and passengers to freely change the light transmission/tint of their car window from dark to clear instantly with the press of a button.” Autoglass Safety

Check out the video here.

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For parents who may want a more child-friendly car window tint, then this product featured over at Australian website Babyology.com.au could be worth checking out. windshield

“When your toddler announces from the backseat that he is caught in a net just like Nemo and you turn your eyes off the road to see his face smothered by the pull-down window shade, you know you need to find a better – and safer – option. Toddler Tints is an alternative that will keep the whole family happy. Frustrated with the car window shade options available, two young Aussie mums took matters into their own hands and created Toddler Tints; a funky window shade that went on to win the prestigious ‘Huggies MumInspired’ award.”

Take a look at the photos here.

So what type of car tint would you like to install in your car window.