Vehicle door issues

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What to do when car doors are problematic? (Photo Credits)

Car door problems can be annoying especially when one is in a rush to leave the car safely. It can also pose a safety risk as it can possibly swing open while the car is moving.

It is best to address car door issues as soon as it surfaces to avoid further problems.

Repair Pal shared various type of vehicle door problems and what owners can do about it. One of the door problems that they tackled in the article is the door that would not latch. And for cars that have door latches that were stuck, here is the solution they offered:

“For the stuck latch, shoot some oil, silicone spray or WD-40 into the latch mechanism on the door. Let it soak in, then rub it into all the visible parts with a clean cloth. If you see any rust on the latch components, use some steel wool to remove it. Try opening the latch with the door handle and see if it now works. “

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Doors that would not open

As for car doors that would not open on both sides, the website Driving Life shared some possible fixes.

“(1) Lubrication Method — If you couldn’t open your car door, then add some lubrication. Lubricate the door lock tumbler with the help of graphite powder and this will help the frozen lock to work properly. This method can be only applicable when your door jammed with cold temperature. (2) Broken Key — Sometimes your key will be broken or worn out. Thus your car door won’t open. Make sure whether your car key is perfectly right. If not, you must need a spare key. Don’t shake the key and try to open the car door. This action will make your door jammed.”

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As for misaligned doors, the website explained in one of their blogposts the causes and possible solutions to this problem. In their write-up they emphasized as well why professionals should be tapped in repairing door problems as this can possibly be a safety issue.

“Weather stripping needs to be replaced: Sometimes our eyes deceive us and make a door appear to sag when there’s really just a general misalignment that makes it difficult to shut. In this case, it is possible the problem lies in old weather stripping in need of replacement. This is something that can occur just with the passage of time and exposure to various weather conditions. While it is possible to repair why door sags occur on your own, there is a risk that inexperience hands can unintentionally cause further damage. Such realignments and parts replacement also often require more than one set of hands and specialized tools to expedite the process.”

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Door problems should indeed be addressed immediately to avoid theft, accidents, and the daily annoyance or hassle.