Of Car Doors and Windows


The Car Door and Window. (Photo Credits)

Car doors and Car windows go hand in hand in protecting a motorist and his passengers.

Futuristic car doors and windows are fast and sleek.

This armored truck door though was notable to contain the valuables inside it as reported by media outfit CBS. “Rear doors to an armored Brinks truck bust open inside the tunnel, spilling cash in the path of drivers traveling behind it due to what police are now calling a door malfunction. MDTA quickly blocks off both ends of the tunnel for hours as they retrieve most of the fallen money–but not all of it.”

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Could be fatal

A cyclist was meantime reported to be accidentally slammed by a car door and window before getting into a more serious accident that claimed his life. San Diego residents Australian Media Outfit ABC, published the report. “A 25-year-old Italian cyclist was allegedly car-doored on a notorious road in Melbourne’s inner north before being hit by a truck and killed.”

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This truck featured over at Tinyhouseforus.com will meantime surprise you as you open its windows and truck door.  car window is broken

“As their first sort of DIY project, I’d say they did a fine job, and they were able to source the used truck on eBay for a great price. They proceeded to build their own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even included some storage space. Now that they’re finished they plan to tour France, Spain, and Portugal in search of adventure. All said and done they spent about $15,000 which seems quite reasonable given the end result, although with zero skills going into the project I’m sure it could be done for a bit less.”

See the video here.

What do you see when you open your war window and doors?