Safety Risks of a Cluttered Car

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Disorganized and messy can mean dangerous too. (Photo Credits)

Most people would think that a messy car can be normal and that it can do no more harm than being an eyesore. But some studies and statistics prove otherwise and that a clutter-filled car can be a source of hazard for drivers and their passengers.

British website Bitrex for instance enumerated five reasons why a car has to remain clutter free especially when it is used to regularly ferry children.

“(1) Rolling stones… bottles and cans – rolling around the foot-well can slip under pedals. ‘Where is that bottle of water’ isn’t what you want to be thinking just before an emergency stop. Put water bottles in cup holders to keep them nearby. (2) What was that?! – distractions in the car are one of the leading causes of car accidents. And that’s not just attention seeking children … or adults. It’s sudden unexplained crashes from the back or crisp packets blowing around when the windows are open.”

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Vehicle Warning

Automobile manufacturer Ford meantime a similar warning to its clients.

“Clutter like cans and plastic bottles may look innocent enough but they can have dangerous consequences. When the car is in motion, these items could roll forward and catch under the brake or accelerator pedal, preventing the driver from operating the vehicle properly. Loose items that are not secured properly also sometimes turn into deadly missiles during emergency braking. A leading UK car insurance comparison expert,, carried out a study in 2011 which found out that a fifth of British motorists got into accidents because of cluttered vehicles.”

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Another UK-based website emphasized the importance of having an uncluttered car for safety reasons. North Bay Organizers and Coaches mentioned this as the foremost reason for maintaining an organized car.

“The benefits of reducing the clutter in your car are endless. It may seem like a small thing but science says it is not. What would it mean to you to de-clutter your car and keep it that way? De-clutter your car & Your life will go far! Literally, a well-organized car will help save your life. According to research by Central Contracts (a car leasing company), 20% of UK automobile crashes are a direct result of car clutter. Rubbish can block pedals and prevent braking.”

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Taming car clutter is one good way to stay safe while driving.

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