Tips When Buying a Pre-owned Vehicle

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How to go about buying a great second-hand vehicle. (Photo Credits)

Buying a pre-owned car is something that has to be taken seriously as the risks of buying second hand is undoubtedly greater than buying that of a brand new. But since not everyone can afford, or believe I is practical to buy off the showroom, then some pointers may come in handy to ensure  that a buyer will still be able to get his or her money’s worth in the said car purchase.

The British Website Leicester Mercury expressed concerns over the rising popularity of the online second hand car market, and its correlation with bogus sellers who may shortchange their customers.

“The rise of car sales on online auction sites, online dealers and sales on social media has meant that many people are buying from a person whom they do not know how to locate should problems arise in future. Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards team has produced some top tips for consumers who are looking to buy a used car: Do your research on the seller: Shop around, look for customer reviews of your dealership online and ask friends and family; Ask questions: Ask the dealer about the condition of the car, repairs carried out on the car, and the relevant documentation for the car such as MOT certificates, service history and the V5C registration document (logbook);”

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How to get the most of a used car purchase

The website Kelly’s Thoughts on Things also offered some advice.

“When it comes to financing the purchase of a used car, you find that the going interest rates will typically be higher than new car rates. This is a piece of the puzzle you’ll want to check out. There is no rule of thumb as to what the difference in the interest rate will be between the two because there are just too many determining variables involved such as; the economy, rebates and incentives involved on the new car side, your credit, length of financing, and even the type of used car you’re looking at. Be sure to crunch the numbers for both sides.”

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Make Money in Life for its part shared more tips for buyers.

“Purchasing online can bring up some fantastic offers but it’s still necessary to view and test drive the vehicle, as any faults can be easily hidden. Check the car’s condition first, including any scratched paintwork, chipped windows or mirrors and the tyres. Faults with any of these could add up to more expensive costs. When test driving the car check the brakes and clutch first. Go through all the gears and see if there are any odd sounds or smells that emerge. These could signal a problem that needs fixing. Any strange banging, rattling or shaking should be asked about as it is likely something that needs fixing.”

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It is very important to be very through in asking questions when buying a pre-owned vehicle.