Breaking Car Windows for Safety

Have that important tool


Better to be safe than sorry. (Photo Credits) 

When push comes to shove and there is a life and death situation, it is important to be armed with all the necessary tools for safety.

Hyperstudio for instance featured this safety hammer that should be in car at all times. “This 4 in 1 car handle can not only provide automotive standing aid with flashlight for extra visibility at night, but also a vehicle emergency escape tool with window breaker and seat belt cutter. It can also be used to remove ice and annoying bug residue.”

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Safety First

Team BHP meantime featured a pocket-sized safety tool. “There are multiple products in the market which can break glass and even using a removed headrest. But I like to keep it simple so that I know it will work during an emergency. This is important because not all cars have removable headrests. Even if it did, holding a headrest and being able to apply adequate force to break glass is quite difficult. A kubotan on the other hand is extremely easy to use and effective. It’s just a piece of metal after all. Tactical Pens are basically Kubotans with a refill. Which is why I replaced mine with one.”

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This product featured over at adswindowfilms is meantime meant to protect vehicle occupants from the dangers that may enter car windows and the windshield from the outside. “With the ever increasing threat of global terrorism, in the event of an explosion, glazing is especially vulnerable. The application of a bomb blast or security film helps to absorb energy from an explosion, holds the broken glass fragments in place thus preventing injury to personnel, the general public and property.”

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Are you prepared for any emergency?