Big Vehicles Turn into Tiny Homes

Vehicles that were turned into Tiny Houses

Old mobile home

All aboard in this  abode. (Photo Credits)

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular, and a practical way to build one is to transform a big vehicle into a mobile home.

Inhabitat shared some inspiring pegs through a slideshow they posted in their website. San Diego residents

“While most bus retrofits focus on revamping the inside, Steven Selby chose instead to overhaul both the interior and exterior of this unique renovated bus. Designed with strong Pacific Northwest influences, the portable cabin-like home on wheels was constructed mostly from salvaged timber and secondhand materials, and only cost Selby less than $3,000 to build. The fully furnished converted bus houses a loft bed, kitchen, living area, bathroom, and a wood-burning stove.”

Check out the seven other transformations here.

Vintage School Bus

Mental Floss meantime featured a vintage school bus that has been transformed into a flat. Cracked car or glass

“Living in a school bus hasn’t been on trend since the 1960s and ’70s, but if all school buses looked this cool then it could definitely catch on again. A man in California named Patrick Schmidt wanted to build a live-in roadtrip vehicle, so he bought a big blue bus from a church in Long Beach and got to work with his father converting it into a custom condo on wheels, complete with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, and a rooftop deck.”

Take a look at the transformation here.

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Liberty First news meantime featured a family that lives on a transformed school bus home.

“Living on a 275 sq. ft adventure bus is probably more quirky and fun than it is practical but I respect this family for their different approach to life and I’m sure the kids will grow up and look back on their unique childhood fondly. Also, they’ll never miss the bus ride to school again.”

See the bus here.

Have you ever lived in a mobile home?

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