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Pet odors in the car can be annoying. (Photo Credits)

Pet odors that may have stuck in the car interior can be annoying and at the same time embarrassing especially when someone else will be riding in the car. The good news about this is that there is a solution, and it can be easily done.

The website Your Mechanic dished out tips in making sure that pet owners will still have fresh smelling cars even while lugging around their furry friends every now and then. They emphasized though that the car should be initially cleaned with a vacuum cleaner prior to trying the techniques they suggested.

“Create vinegar solution. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Step 2: Spray the solution. Lightly and evenly spray the solution on any fabrics of your car’s interior. You should apply enough of the water-vinegar mixture to feel damp to the touch but not so much that you fully saturate the interior’s fabric. Step 3: Let dry and repeat as needed. Allow the vinegar to air dry over a few hours, and repeat this process if any odors remain.”

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Many ways to remove pet odors

The website Pets Welcome also came up with tips on removing pet odors in the car. Their article specifically gave nine tips to get rid of funky pet stench.

“Shampoo for pet stain and urine removal will thoroughly clean up the source of the smells more than a regular car shampoo. If your dog had an accident in the car, this may be the route you’ll need to go. The enzymatic cleaners made for pet stains breaks down the chemical compounds of pet urine and removes the smells. Place a small bowl of baking soda in the car overnight to absorb the smells. If the smell is very strong, repeat this a few nights in a row. Laying bread out on a dish towel will also help absorb the smells. Afterwards, toss the old bread out for the birds to eat.”

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Related Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement Services: also published a comprehensive guide in removing unwanted pet odors. They also shared their insight as to how to deal with really stubborn pet smell that has stuck into the car interior.

“Dog smell’ is actually very easy keep to a minimum: follow the advice above to remove odours from your vehicle, and keep your dog clean and hygienic with regular bathing and grooming. But on occasion, there are some things that are beyond our control. If you’ve done everything you can to minimise ‘dog smell’, and yet you’re still finding that the lingering odour is too much to bear, there may be an underlying problem. Skin infections caused by bugs and bacteria, ear infections, dental problems, and issues with the anal sacs can all intensify ‘dog smell’, making it much harder to keep under control. If you’ve followed the above steps and have seen no difference in the odour inside your car, then you may want to take your dog for a check up at the vets to ensure he or she is in good health.”

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Pet odors can be minimized or totally avoided if the car gets regularly cleaned.

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