Never Miss a Periodic Vehicle Inspection

City of Olathe Vehicle Maintenance

The advantages of having regular service inspections.(Photo Credits)

Regular car maintenance checks are important for any vehicle.

Car experts explain, it will not only prevent unwarranted breakdown, it can also help in lowering fuel consumption.

The Press of Atlantic City published an article on this.

“Changing and checking the oil regularly can help extend engine life. Reska called oil the ‘lifeblood of the car.’ Oil deteriorates as it is used in the engine. Mike Collins, manager at K+M Auto Repair in Northfield, said the better shape the oil is in, the better it will lubricate the engine. That can improve gas mileage. The U.S. Department of Energy says motorists can improve gas mileage 1 percent to 2 percent by using the recommended grade of motor oil and changing it regularly.”

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Do not forget about the car tires

The website Qatar is Booming also emphasized that tires should not be forgotten during vehicle maintenance checks.

“One of the major areas of concern is the car tyre. During summer, tyres are automatically stressed and as a result become more recalcitrant.  This increases the risk of a possible blowout that can be fatal while driving on the road. To avoid unpleasant incidents, it is recommended to regularly monitor tyres and tyre pressure.”

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Miracle Body and Paint gave its readers a checklist for maintenance inspections at different periods of time.

“Monthly maintenance: Make sure to check your tire pressure, fluid levels, light and windshield washer fluid every month. These are quick checkup procedure that you can do to ensure your car is running smoothly”

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Regular maintenance inspections may incur cost, but experts argue this expense is minimal compared to he financial burden that could be incurred when vehicles breakdown due to problems that could have otherwise been prevented by maintenance checks.