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Hard water spots in cars can be unsightly. (Photo Credits)

Hard water spots can be unsightly especially on an otherwise clean car. Instead of it being shiny and sparklingly clean, it could have those ugly blotches left by hard water. Fortunately there are ways to avoid this.

In one of their web posts, Auto blog inmygarage.com explained why there could be hard water spots in cars. While this can just be usually wiped off, the author warned that there are instances when it could end up being corrosive over time.

“Water spots are most frequently created when hard water is left on a surface – paint or glass – to dry (technically, evaporate). This can be due to not drying your car after a wash (especially if your TDS level is high – more on this later), parking your car a little too close to a sprinkler, or even from rain water that is left on the surface too long.”

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Remove it like a pro

Autodetailing website GuideToDetailing.com shared an industry approach on removing those unsightly hard water spots. According to their article, it is easy and it is not expensive to do this at all.

“First, wash with your normal car shampoo. Rinse, and then use the distilled vinegar. This will give your car the magic acid bath. Just wipe it on with a sponge, and rub it in. Now, an important tip…Do only one section at a time. Let it sit 30 to 60 seconds. Then rinse. When you’re done, wash the car again with shampoo. Then rinse. I should tell you something though…The vinegar will remove your wax. Be prepared to re-wax your car after the vinegar treatment.”

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The website DoItYourself.com meanwhile shared an advice on how to prevent hard water spots on cars. In their article they mentioned that misconceptions can also cause hard water spots forming in cars.

“Many people think a rain shower will wash off the dirt from the car. However, rain, like all ground water sources, can also contain a lot of minerals, as well as dust and dirt, and leave spots. If possible, store your car in the garage during rainstorms.”

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Hard water spots are unsightly but they can be prevented, and removed if needed.

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