Make your own Chemical-Free Car Fresheners

Nice Air Freshener

Make it smell good. Make it healthy. (Photo Credits)

Car fresheners definitely make any vehicle smell better, but is it really healthy to be inhaling chemical laden car perfumes all the time? said, freshening up a car is as easy as putting in some coffee beans inside it.

“You could use one of those two-buck spray bottles you find in your local parts store, or a clip-on scent dispenser in Spring Moon Orchid Blossom. But the factory-made, chemical-laden scent only covers up the odor. So if you don’t want your ride smelling like an Uber, there’s another way: the DIY way.”

Read the whole tutorial here.

Fresh and Natural

The website We’re Far From Normal meantime shared an Essential Oils-based natural car freshener.

“Standing there in the car air freshener isle at Autozone though I couldn’t get over how bad all of them smell. How floral and fruit scents smell nothing like the actual flowers or fruit and they all knock you over when you smell them. I’m a girl who likes things to smell pretty, but those scents are not pretty, they’re yucky.”

Check out the complete guide here.

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Overthrow Martha meantime shared a vodka-based air freshener recipe for vehicles.

Add the salt to the bottle, add the essential oils and then add the liquid. It should be done in this order simply because the salt helps the essential oils to disperse through the water rather than sitting on the top. After all, remember that water and oil do NOT mix.”

Get the ingredients here.

How do you keep your car smelling fresh?