What you should know about Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps. (Photo Credits)

Vehicle wraps are very useful especially for business purposes. Some individual or private car owners also fancy doing this to further personalize their respective vehicles.

Bored Panda for instance shared photos of this old Volkswagen Van that has been transformed into R2-D2, thanks to its wrap!

“Each pieces was painstakingly attached to the van using a heat-gun”

Take a look at the photos here.

Offroad wrap

Moonshine Camo.com meantime shared photos of off-road vehicles that have been wrapped.

This is anything but ordinary, upgrading your vehicle past a normal paint job and giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement, a statement that Moon Shine Camo has made.

Check it out here.

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305 Insider.com meantime shared an article on vehicle wrapping.

“Before the time of vinyl wraps vehicle owners who wanted a color change had to go through the lengthy and costly process of getting a paint job. While there’s nothing wrong with paint jobs customizers wanted a more affordable option. A few years ago vinyl vehicle wraps popped up on the radar and people went crazy. Car and truck owners finally had a less expensive option than paint and also the option to peel the wrap off when, and if, they grew tired of their choice. Colors and shades were bountiful and seemingly everyone jumped on board the bandwagon.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Are you considering vehicle wrapping?