How vans evolve

Camper Van

The camper van. (Photo Credits)

Vans convey good memories of long drives, vacations, and trips with a good number of people. As time goes by, vans evolve too.

Just look at this Mercedes Benz Vision Van that has been unveiled in its official website.

“The highly complex technology is stripped down to its fundamentals, thereby making it extremely user-friendly. While the high standards in terms of aesthetics and attractive appearance are never neglected. The Vision Van’s design is hot and cool. As such, it embodies the essential elements of our design philosophy: sensual purity. The face is defined by the extremely wide windscreen, which curves around to the sidewalls like a high-tech visor. A surprising highlight is the brand’s signature radiator grille with integrated LED matrix. Its displays convey the vehicle’s intelligence in an impressive manner. The sharp contours of these elements contrast with the vehicle’s smooth surfaces, engaging in a fascinating dialogue between passion and emotion, technology and functionality.”

Check out the design here.

Loyalty on the Classic

Pro Health Tips meantime shared its awe about the Nimbus – a classic van with a modern touch.

“It’s hard not to compare the Nimbus concept to the iconic VW bus, but one look and you know it’s been designed to go a lot of places the VW couldn’t. The Nimbus has been designed for both short drives around town and long trips, and is equipped with a hybrid engine and energy consumption system which, according to Galvani, conserves more energy and allows for longer trips than cars that run 100 percent on electricity. The Nimbus is powered by a 130Kw (180hp) electrical engine lithium-ion battery that works in conjunction with the car’s micro combustion generator. Additionally, a rooftop array of solar photovoltaic cells generates even more energy for the car’s needs and a regenerative brake mechanism lets the car conserve as much kinetic energy as possible.  It is claimed that the Nimbus could travel up to 181 miles on a single gallon, and its maximum speed lies within the 80-100 mph range. Acceleration from 0-62 mph would take approximately thirteen seconds.”

Read about it here.

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The Mind Circle meantime published a feature on the classic camper van that has been loaded with contemporary features.

“Are you looking for a way to get back to the good old days in one way or another?  This classic hippy van is a way to do it without compromising your values over the things that are important to you.  Most people understand that gas guzzlers are a thing of the past, but not everyone is ready to flow into the confined market of electric cars because there is not enough personalization to enjoy it.  Now, Volkswagen is introducing a brand new model of its beloved hippy van and enjoy all of the benefits that come from enjoying a modern vehicle.”

Check it out here.

The hippy van indeed never gets out of style.

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