RV Window Concerns


What you need to know about RV Windows. (Photo Credits)

RV Windows are just like windows of ordinary vehicles. They break and they can look even better.

Do It Yourself RV for instance shared a tip on what to do once one of your RV’s windows get shattered, and what remedy you can do while waiting for your mobile auto glass repair service to arrive.

“We never dreamed we would hear our RV window explode into a million tiny pieces, but that’s exactly what happened one night at an RV park in Texas. The next few months were agonizing as we tried to secure a replacement side window.”

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More pleasant

Moving on to more pleasant things, the website Tumble Weed Houses shared a guideline on how to come up with a great design for RV Windows so that one can make it look like a real tiny home.

“The front bay windows are very small and odd looking. The side windows are large, creating improper proportion to the front door and the overall structure. Making your windows too large can also compromise the structural integrity of the RV and decrease your R-Value.”

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But what if the only concern is the window shade? Do it Yourself RV shared a great solution.

“Having to restring RV window shades is a chore that none of us enjoy doing but wear and tear forces us to tackle this task every now and then. You’ll find lots of companies that can restring RV window shades for a price, but doing it yourself is easier than you think.”

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What would you like to do with the window of your RV?