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Doors swinging open. (Photo Credits)

While windshields and car windows give car drivers and passengers a view of what is on the road, car doors are literally portals that lets drivers and passengers get physically closer to what they see.

Just like this family who is just supposed to watch lions in their natural habitats from their car windows. Huffington Post reported, the family did not anticipate that the lion could open a car door.

“A family watching lions from the supposed safety of their car at a safari park in South Africa learned you should always lock your door. In a 2014 video that’s now gaining attention, a curious female lion opens a passenger door with her mouth, eliciting screams and quick action. The occupants manage to re-shut the door and lock it. Then one person can be heard saying, ‘Oh my gosh I didn’t know they could do that.’ You and me both, sister.”

Watch the video here.

Even more dangerous

And while the family remained safe and calmed down, a courtside viewer of a wrestling match ended up injured.

Sporting News.Com featured a bout wherein one of the professional wrestlers smashed a window of a car, and removed a passenger door, and hurled it into the arena.

“There’s a reason why people are both terrified and fascinated by Brock Lesnar — the man is a scary beast. Lesnar’s freakish strength was on full display Monday night on WWE Raw when he destroyed a Cadillac. After he used a pair of axes to smash the windows and cave in half of the car, he ripped off one of the back passenger doors and hurled it away.”

Find out what happened to the injured fan here.

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Also dangerous is when you open your car door without looking out the window if you will hit someone.

TMZ reported about one of Kourtney Kardashian’s kids getting knocked down after a random parked car’s door flung open while she, her mom, and her nanny are walking by.

“Kourtney Kardashian had a serious mom moment — she looked away for a split second, and one of her kids took a car door to the face! Kourt was actually holding 3-year-old Penelope’s hand as they walked past a parked car in Malibu on Sunday — and at that very moment, one of the car doors flung open. Poor Penelope went down in a heap, and, naturally burst into tears. Mom and the nanny quickly comforted her … and we’re told she’s okay.”

See the photos and read more here.

So how careful are you whenever you swing your car doors open?