What car stickers say

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Random stories about car decals. (Photo Credits)

Car stickers tell a lot about the owner of the car. It could be their names, universities they went to, their hobbies, even health concerns.

A Mom with a child born with autism had a decal sharing that information and as the website Autism Speaks shared, was shocked to see that the sticker in her car has been vandalized with foul statements.

“Sandy, Utah mom Eliese Livingston was angered to find offensive stickers on her car next to a sign reading, ‘Autistic child may not respond to verbal commands.’ The sign is designed to inform First Responders and others that her 5-year-old son Kyler is on the autism spectrum and has limited communication skills. The offensive stickers had ‘spoiled brat’ and ‘undisciplined’ written in red.

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Intolerable comments

Another mom found herself and her family having haters following the placement of a decal in their car bearing her daughter’s name.

“What was most disturbing for the family was what happened when they sold #TeamIsis window stickers at a local car show. Though such hashtags are often used to rally support for various causes, in this case it drew the wrath of strangers and even the federal government.”

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Some decals meantime continue to be harmless, and uncontroversial, in fact it could even elicit laughter on the road.

“Once upon a time, you had three basic car sticker options: bumper stickers, go-fast stickers, and those little peeing Calvin stickers. As this list of the best car decals on the road shows, however, the last ten years or so have seen an explosion in decals, from simple window sticker humor to incredible custom car wraps that cover entire vehicles.”

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